Irrigate-IQ Monitor and Control

Monitor and control your irrigation system from any computer, smart phone, or tablet—so you don’t have to waste time going out to the field.

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You’re busy. You have a lot of tasks to do when managing your farm, and you aren’t always near your fields or in front of a computer. When you need to monitor or control your irrigation pivot, wouldn’t it be a lot easier if you could do it whenever you want, wherever you want?

With Irrigate-IQ™ monitor and control, you can monitor and control your pivots from any location, using any computer, smartphone, or tablet—so you don’t have to waste time going out to the field. And because Irrigate-IQ monitor and control can be installed on many pivot makes and models, you can now monitor and control all your pivots in one place.

Monitor and Control enables you to:
View and monitor pivot speed, status (on/off), current voltage, pressure, and more
Remotely control pivot status (on/off), material applied, speed, and direction
Check system status so you can change your irrigation plan or control irrigators when they have stopped
Receive text messages when a pivot’s status changes and stay informed on your operation

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