S1100-A Scale System

Accurately weigh and measure feed, hay bales, and stock items handled by a tractor or skid steer.

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Trimble’s S1100-A scale helps farmers accurately weigh and measure feed, hay bales, and stock items that are handled via tractor or skid steer. With weight measurements available to the operator in the cab, farmers can better control the quality, quantity, and cost of hay bales and other stock materials in their operations.

Designed as an aftermarket weighing solution for farming operations, the S1100-A scale calculates weights by measuring hydraulic pressure changes on tractors or skid steers from any manufacturer. Information on weights and bucket counts is displayed to the operator in real-time.

Reduces training time for new operators due to a simple interface
Improves efficiency by knowing the correct weight of the hale bales and other materials bought or sold
Works on equipment with bucket, fork, and hay squeezer attachments
Handles harsh environments, suitable for open cabs and exposed conditions

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