Take the challenge out of implement steering. SBGuidance Auto steers your tractor or implement seamlessly and with unmatched precision via RTK-DGPS.

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This unique assisted steering system maintains perfect row spacing, while offering next pass reminders and adjusting the planting distance of your implement. With SBGuidance, man and machine perform optimally. This steering system is comprised of robust SBGuidance components that have been proven under tough conditions. Compatible with brands of different sizes and colors, SBGuidance Auto integrates seamlessly between your fleet of machines.

The universal hydraulic valve block is equipped with an accurate proportional valve and is suitable for both open center and load sensing hydraulic systems.
A contactless steer angle sensor ensures trouble-free and accurate measurement. Especially under difficult conditions such as crabbing or operating with front hitched implements, the steering outperforms systems lacking this sensor.
DynamIQ, the newly developed 3D electronic terrain compensation module, determines its orientation using 3 gyro’s and 5 other sensors with unprecedented accuracy. DynamIQ always stays with the vehicle or implement.
The various components communicate through the proven, flexible CANbus system. This ensures that SBGuidance Auto is easily expandable to implement steering or SmartSwitch section control.

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