Sugarcane Nutrient Management

Prepare a nutrient-rich environment that encourages maximum growth and high-quality sugarcane.

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Trimble’s sugarcane nutrient management solutions include:

Soil Sampling
With Farm Works™ Mobile software and a mobile computer, you can collect geo-referenced soil samples to analyze nutrient in your fields. Use this information to generate nutrient variability maps, design an optimal prescription plan, and know exactly where to apply you inputs-for improving growth, yield, and quality of your sugarcane crop.

Nutrient Management
The Trimble Field-IQ™ crop input control system enables you to preform variable rate application control using prescriptions. Automatically adjust the application rate depending on your soil needs and create a high-yielding environment throughout your fields.

Office and Field Connectivity
Trimble’s Connected Farm™ allows you to send critical information, such as prescription maps and coverage data, between the farm and office for improved efficiency.

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