WM-Form land forming solution

WM-Form allows you to design variable-shaped fields and topography based on the best use of existing contours, the water needs of individual crops and even individual farming practices.


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Whether you’re a grower or an earthworks contractor, the Trimble® WM-Form™ land forming solution can help you fix under producing acres – while also controlling the cost of the earthworks and minimizing disturbance to valuable topsoil.

With easy-to-use surface design tools and flexible parameters, WM-Form software can help you create field leveling, drainage and irrigation designs that optimize the field surface for water management and produce a more consistent yield.

You’ll get problem areas producing in no time, while you
Open up more acres to be farmed
Enable optimal water distribution and drainage
Minimize disturbance to valuable topsoil
Reduce erosion and minimize flooding by effectively channeling water
Create more uniform production and increase yield

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